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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

On average, there are 130 suicides per day. The word "suicide" is something people have tried straying away from, forgetting as it correlates with pain and the loss of an important life. However, in our minds, suicide is not what is important but the reason and the process that leads up to it is more vital. More significantly, the reason and the process can be changed. It can be prevented. That is why The Hopeful People of New York has started our suicide prevention campaign in collaboration with The Gala Art Center during times when our suicide rates have gotten higher. We hope to acknowledge the value of life and share our personal emotions as a society and as humans.

WE have STARTED our SUICIDE PREVENTION CAMAPAIGN IN VARIOUS WAYS. WE are currently holding A CONTEST in which we hope everyone around the world can participate in.

In a contest everyone around the world can participate in (or contestants can apply in maximum team of 3 people), contestants have the choice to submit a video (min. of 10 seconds and 3 minutes max.) in which the content of the video is the contestant's choice, an original photo (landscape portrait, and if winner of this portion, original photo will need to be submitted), an art piece (size 300 dpi for resolution when submitting), or an original phrase the contestant created (can be a poem, an essay, a short phrase, etc and design is of the phrase is optional).

The deadline for this contest is August 10th, 2021 and the winner will be announced August 15th, 2021.

Not just through our contest, we are holding a music CONCERT through the hopes of sending a message of healing to our people. There will be MEDITATION PROGRAMS implemented and hosted by our people in the Hopeful People of New York.

We sincerely want to acknowledge the pain our fellow families have gone through in the loss of a loved one and as the Hopeful People of New York, we hope and dedicate to prevent further losses of people that are all an integral part of our society.

"To anyone out there who's hurting - it's not a sign of weakness to ask for help. It's a sign of strength."

-Barack Obama

-Barack Obama

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