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My Own Ramen Recipe Contest

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Make your own ramen recipe! we are starting Ramen Recipe Contest!

Your special creative recipes for sponsored Nongshim ramen and to encourage those who dream of cooking through the process of cooking themselves, including them into a healthy food culture, and selling winner's recipe in restaurant as a special menu for 1 month. This contest is designed to create community empathy and participation in various and creative ways

We'll give everyone who participates a box of Nongshim ramen

Ramen recipe contest

Record and upload a video of yourself making ramen on an Internet personal broadcast or YouTube. If you send the recorded video 'link (URL)' to, your application is complete!

Top five recipes will be made separately and post YouTube and SNS. The final winner's ramen recipe will be sold as a special menu for a month at a restaurant in New York City.

**First place winner: 1 person ($100/Ramen 10 boxes)

The winner's recipe is from a restaurant.

Sold as a special menu for a period of time

**Special Award: Five people (5 boxes of ramen)

The five special prize recipes will be made on video.

On YouTube and social media

***Contest period: 2021.06.01-2021.07.31

***First Announcement: 2021.08.05 (Individual Notice)

***Winner announced: 2021.08.15

more questions?

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